April 14, 2005 0

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i love fruit tart. more than anything else i can think of right now. so when we had tart at work last wednesday, i made my love of tart clear to all around. there was a little left & i was ecstatic to know that it was all mine. mine. all mine. i didn’t get around to eating it during the week due to the abundance of food left in the fridge, but no worries. i took it home over the weekend, but didn’t get around to eating it there due to the abundance of perishable food at my house, so i brought it back to savor it at work on monday. see, i had to enjoy it to it’s fullest, like be really hungry & say, oh fuck yeah, my tart is ready to be savored!! well, i didn’t eat it on monday & was going to bring it home monday night because i was really going to eat it for real this time. only i realized i’d left it in the fridge once i’d hit the road. i contemplated going back for it, but i for real was going to savor it tuesday. tuesday rolls around & i don’t bring any food to work because i am so ready for my fruit tart. i go to get it in the afternoon & the fridge has been cleaned out. NO TART. the tart is missing. it has only been a week & it had been moved from it’s box to a tupperware container, so it’s not like i had forgotten, oh no. & there’s no empty tupperware around, like it had been tossed. my tart was GONE. i was enraged! i have this little magnet of facial expressions & a slidey thing you can move over which expression you are feeling. it was moved quickly to enraged. my tart is gone! tears were ready to roll. even if a week is questionable, i don’t care, i love tart so much i would eat it willingly…risking diarrhea & food poisoning. i am pissed off. still! no matter how much tart i eat to make up for it, there will always be the little tart i never had. the tart that most likely made it’s way to the garbage (along with my tupperware). that sucks. & my retarded ass made a collage of tart…so that every time i go to my site for the next 3 posts, i will see the tart collage & salivate. i was seriously salivating searching for those images. i love tart! god, i would marry fruit tart if i could.

i love tart

& i’m also pissed that i missed the elephants! the circus is in town & they paraded the elephants up college ave. i literally don’t have to move from my desk, i can turn my head to the left to see the street from the window. i could have seen the elephants go by! but no one told me when they were coming. & i missed them.

yesterday was SHITTY.

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