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i am inspired to write about the first time i got drunk, thanks to carina. she was talking about how she loves v&s sandwiches, yet this place only reminds me of the first time i got drunk & how i puked all over the bathroom.

anyway, let’s remember this monumental point of teenage development. i was 15 years old & going to my first party. this chick nina used to have parties at her house & while you couldn’t drink on her property since she lived with her mom, you could drink around the property. so i was the smart one who just happened to be with the 21+er who bought the beer for us minors, & we head off to the woods to start our night. well, we ended up taking most of the beer & heading to the park. there i have 5 beers, which, shit, when you’ve never had beer before is A LOT. & this is great, as we’re leaving to walk downtown, i actually puke while i’m walking. no stopping to toss my cookies in the bushes, i straight puke while i’m walking & don’t miss a beat. they’re asking if i’m ok & i’m like, ‘yeah dude, i’m cool!’ so we make our way downtown. & we end up at v&s sandwiches. this is where i puke all over the bathroom. i thought i made it all in the toilet & i was all proud of myself for being such a good aimer, but apparently it was all over the place. whatever, no biggie. as we’re leaving, i run into my huge high school crush & i’m nothing short of like, “oh my god i love you!!!!! it’s him!!!!!! ooooooh@@@!!@!#!%!!!” embarrassing. but that’s nothing new. so we end up at the local arcade hangout, campus casino (r.i.p. <3) apparently i was saying al this crazy shit to some guy i knew (so he says - although i don't remember this at all), but it's plausible & HEY, I WAS DRUNK FOR THE FIRST TIME! from there, some guy who happened to live in my neighborhood drove us to one of the dude's we were hanging out with's house where the girl & i spent the night on crashed on the living room couches. we hail a cab, hungover to all hell (but remember, this was still the most awesomely bad experience of my 15 years on this planet) back to the house of the party to find out the chick, melanie's makeup bag had been stolen. at this point i'm ready to be home, & alas, that was my night. i don't even remember what i told my parents - probably that i was staying at melanie's. it still holds a special place in my heart. & i still always think of this night when v&s sandwiches is mentioned. ahh, & this is why i'm really bummed i never kept a diary. it's those golden times of high school that would make for some great reads right about now. i can only look back to the past few years that i've happened to blog about. god, i really wish i had a diary, man! although i'm sure most of it would be more embarrassing than not... anyway, my fellow readers, share your first time drunk stories in the comments!

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