April 5, 2005 1

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i hate rusted root. god i really really really really fucking hate rusted root. like, i really hate them. a lot. i hate rusted root more than dave matthews band. i hate them so much that i’m taking time out of my busy schedule to blog about how much i hate them. they’ve played here a gazillion times & they’re back for movin’ on this year. & the sad thing is that they’re the “best” draw we’ve been able to get. barf. but i still might volunteer at movin’ on this year…i can’t help it, it’s the compulsive volunteer in me (& really, the free shirt). so long as i do not volunteer during fucking rusted root. i’ll work one of the other shitty bands i’ve never heard of. & i’ll only volunteer if i can do security. hell yeah! but i really wouldn’t let me be security. a cancer patient could probably whoop my ass, have you seen my arms?! but still that would totally rule to work security, if they’ll let me. so i think i will try. i hate rusted root.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    rusted root is amazing.. open your mind just a tad.

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