March 30, 2005 0

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today was the first nice spring-like day, and so, i had to go out walking. as i’m walking, i look at my pants & it looks like someone spooged on my one leg. nice! these pants really are the pits…the butt pocket is half ripped off, the knees are discolored, they’re really baggy & unflattering & now there’s a spooge mark. i’m pretty sure it’s just water & it will probably wash off, but yeah.

we have a new “pet” at work. some crazy dude who has all these weird pets lives across the street, & lately his pet turkey, betty, has been breaking out & coming over to our yard. who can blame her, the grounds are gorgeous! she follows you around if you’re outside & will just sit down on the ground right in front of you. i was gonna get my picture taken with her, but her owner came to pick her up. i’m not really outside much, so it’s crazy that i happen to be outside when she’s over, but i like her & i hope she comes back. maybe we can keep her. well, maybe not….turkey shit all over the ground wouldn’t be cool. & she crosses a major road to come over. but i like her.

& speaking of work, IS THIS NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER?!?!?!?!

from our easter egg hunt on saturday…i was chasing the kid trying to get his picture


anyway, this week kicks off pride week, & you know what that means…drag queens, bitches! fuck yeah!! drag show is thursday night & i had to restrain myself from doing the happy dance at work when i found out. & not only that, but i’m a volunteer usher for the one in 10 film festival, ushering appropriately for the pink mirror, a hindi drag queen movie. i earn the gold star for diversity, baby, volunteering for the queer film festival & a native american powwow next weekend. now all i need to do is make friends with a black person!

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