March 25, 2005 0

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hell, i should have just written about my week the last time i posted, because it magically went stagnant after hump day. right, so lets rewind to last week: so i’m flying home sunday night on the red eye, all night, straight into 9 a.m. monday morning where i go to work. all i want monday night is to get a nice night of sleep so i can function at work. but oh no, i spend monday night in the emergency room. luckily i was not the one being treated…let me tell you, there would have to be something really really wrong to get me into the emergency room on no insurance. anyway, quite the heart pounding night, let me tell you. & my dumb ass was like, ‘yeah i wanna go to the emergency room, too! it’s like a field trip!!!!!!!!!’ of course i regretted it as soon as we got there because even though there was barely a soul there, we had to stick around until 2 a.m. then on tuesday i got my period. wednesday was so fun at work when i found a dead mouse in the trap. i felt loads guilty since the cute little thing was dead because of me. i can’t tell you how many times i tried to pick it up only to run off screaming & going ewewewewewwwwwwwwwwwwewwwwwwwww EWEYYYY!!!!!! running around like a crazy person. eventually the intern’s fiancĂ© had to come get rid of it. & then, wanting a nice evening at home, i was interrupted by a group of people who were locked outside of my work. the girl who was supposed to let them in forgot, so i had to haul ass to go let them in & then go back to lock up 2 hours later. my shitty ass week. but then thursday was pretty neutral for me, as was friday & saturday. the intern got some of my best week ever when she locked her keys in the car, received something that had broken in the mail & couldn’t watch csi because of the basketball.

anyway, the guy didn’t call, but it must be because he lost my #…which is what i will tell myself. i thought we were getting along, but i guess he was just being nice since he was stuck talking to me. you know how when you’re out at a bar or party or something & the buddy you’re with meets someone of the opposite sex…but then you’re stuck having to talk to their friend who’s ugly/loserish? well apparently i was the loser friend! but that’s not the worst of it. you all know about my strong disdain for livestrong bracelets……………well, this dude wore one. AND he went to church. i was gonna let it slide, you know, since he was cute & all. but man…i got dissed by someone who wears a livestrong bracelet & goes to church. i used to think i was awesome, but my self esteem has really shot down to that of a fat chick.

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