March 17, 2005 0

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car is fixed. it was an alignment problem & some fucked tires, no biggie. tahoe was great. besides getting a sick, i had fun. i didn’t ski, although i did snowshoe up a mountain. we had a great view of the lake & little birds would fly down from the trees to eat granola out of your hand. um….i gambled & fucking loved the 1 cent video poker. i even walked away up $20 thanks to blackjack, after having not such great luck with roulette. awesome!! there was the most amazing sunset the second night i was there, but i didn’t have the camera & the rest of the sunsets weren’t anything special. i’ll get pictures up eventually. there are soooo many to go through & all the good ones are on other people’s cameras, but i’ll get them eventually.

so, guess who’s having the

i should totally win this

if i don’t die by the end of the week, which seems like the natural progression, then i’ll tell you. i can’t wait for the next 2 days, OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do i see alcohol poisoning, a dui, or a leprechaun gangbang for tomorrow? lets wait & see!

& here’s my ghetto poll for my loving fans. i’m too lazy to find some lame voting thingy so you’ll just have to leave a comment, bitches:


(if no, please include the reason & make it good!) bets are also being taken on whether or not i will drive myself insane with my female neurosis before i even get the answer.

so far we got 2 yes votes. polls close saturday night.

righty-o…coming up: the best week ever, tahoe pictures, & poll results!!!!!

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