March 3, 2005 0

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when i dated a mechanic, nothing really went wrong with my car. but oh how i miss him now. ever since i got back from new york my car has been shaking. i’m a fan of the if i ignore it maybe it will go away philosophy, but apparently everyone thinks this shaking is really bad. i was minutes away from having my tire fall off one time, so that should give you an idea of when i take care of problems. so yeah, i don’t want to go back because i was just there. but i guess i have to, doesn’t look like it’s going away.

& i’m sure this makes me look like an ungrateful sack of shit, but i’m not as excited about going to lake tahoe as i should be. even though it’s 20 degrees warmer, it’s still gonna be cold & i’m irritated that most of the touristy things are only open in the summer. i imagine it will be gorgeous there & i’ll hike a bit, but i don’t like cold! & i don’t ski. i have to share a one room townhouse thing with 2 snorers which i think is bumming me out the most. god, i know i’ll have a good time & christ, it’s a free trip, but i’m just not feeling it right now. maybe i’ll win at the casinos. that would totally rule. actually, if i broke even but still got to play a lot i would be more than thrilled. argh, i need to psych myself up! anyone know of something cool to do there?

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