February 18, 2005 0

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last weekend i was checking out a hot chick at the end of the bar & then i realized it was me – the mirror was angled. that was funny. anyway, after this ridiculous week of work i’m off to go see big orange things in central park. i’m kinda bummed i’ll miss thon & no refund theatre, but it’s bound to be a good time in the city…

anyway, here’s a pms-induced post of rage i wrote back a few days before christmas:

the other day i was in snappy’s & they had SUPPORT OUR TROOPS livestrong ripoff bracelets. if you fall into this shit, you’re not supporting the troops, you’re supporting all that is wrong with america. some jerkoff is making millions of dollars off of all the sheep putting that shit all over their cars. that money isn’t going to charity, that money is going to some dude who is the embodiment of greed & it makes me sick. & don’t you dare try to say i’m unpatriotic or don’t care about the people who have lost so much fighting in this war. this is about consumerism & greed, & people who blindly follow lame trends to feel like they are “worthy” americans. fuck that. ugh, i’m pms-ing something awful.

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