February 8, 2005 0

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fly eagles fly…poor guys. i really did want them to win, unlike last time when i felt joy over eagles fans’ despair. now i am one of those eagles fans…sad. & there is someone who is happy about my sadness. but forget the game, we all know the super bowl is about commercials. the commercials Sucked with a capital S. i knew all the “concerned parents” & religious fanatics had bitched enough over the past year to keep the advertisers in check. & made for really shitty commercials. & i just don’t get it. this is not the america i know. the america i know applauds sex, violence & fart jokes! who are these football fans who are so offended by nicolette sheridan’s back?! where is this conservatism coming from?? ugh. i could go off on a rant about that. anyway, not one commercial really stuck out…even the bud commercials didn’t impress me much. i did like the ameriquest ones, though. all i know is that i will never ever ever ever never ever buy a cadillac. they just don’t know when to let go of that fucking led zeppelin song. yeah hi, it got real old & irritating over 2 years ago. & tonight was the turning point. i saw the commercial & i said “don’t do it…..don’t do it!” commercial over – no wait! here comes the intro to “rock & roll,” commercial not over! god dammit! i am so sick of it, GIVE IT UP. sooooooooo overplayed. & don’t think i’m not serious, i hold grudges. when i am 60 years old & my hubby wants a cadillac, NO & i will go off on the commercials from 40 years ago. i am angry. ANGRY.

i wished paul mccartney’s fly had been down or something, for a return of the wardrobe malfunction…

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