February 6, 2005 0

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yeah so obviously i liked the pink floyd dance show…i don’t think there was a way i could not. i wasn’t more than 10 rows back & center, & i just sat there with this shit eating grin on my face. they danced to “the wall” soundtrack & i found it hard not to be playing the movie along in my head as well. sometimes the dancing wasn’t as powerful as the music/scenes from the movie, but overall it was interesting & fun to watch. but they did cut out a few songs in the middle…you can’t pull a fast one on me! whatever. anyway, during “run like hell” they got people from the audience up on stage to dance around & i was really upset that i was dead center & couldn’t really climb over all the people in my row. i wanted to be up there sooooooo bad, you wouldn’t believe. but the people up there were great, i think they got more applause than the dancers had at that point. then they wrapped it up & it was over! i couldn’t tell you what the dancing was all about…something about the repressing chinese government or something, but yeah, as involved as i am with theatre, arts, culture, etc., i’m pretty dense. overall, two thumbs up & i would totally recommend it. & go again, for that matter. it made me wish i was chinese, still dancing, & could pull a tonya harding so i could get a spot in the troupe. what a great night!

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