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jury duty

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jury duty

you don’t know how excited i am to use this shitily made graphic again! nevermind why my adelphia homepage is still active after 2 years…but yeah…

while i once used this stunning visual to describe my impending jury duty, i can now use it to describe my upcoming acting endeavor. so i get all these emails about acting opportunities & i decide to reply to one that’s looking for “expert witnesses” in a courtroom dramatization. so i’m all jazzed up about this & i finally check out the website for this thing & it’s this conspiracy theory propaganda type site. oh lord. the video is called “9-11 on trial” basically saying the story the government told us about the attacks is wrong & it was some big conspiracy. each chapter will have a “witness” on trial saying something like “oh the plane crashed into the tower” & that’s when the conspiracy story comes in to disprove it – that’s pretty much how i think they’re doing it. oh lordy lordy……………..i’m reading this site & writing this post concurrently &…hmm….i’m a little unsettled. i don’t know if i feel comfortable participating in this left wing propaganda, mainly for the fact that a good friend of mine was there. if it was the jfk assassination conspiracy i’d do it in a second! but i dunno. dammit, now i’m bummed! i was looking forward to my courtroom drama acting bit, but i don’t know if it’s worth it. i must blame it on work…i wasn’t able to look them up online since we have horrid dial up. my problem now is that i agreed to do it, not knowing what it was about, & i hate going back on my word. gah, no wonder it was so easy to get a part! why do i always get myself into these messes, hmm? alright guys, what do you think?

on a more “rock on” note, tomorrow is the beijing modern dance company dancing to pink floyd’s “the wall” & my radio dj buddy that i only interact with through email is giving me 2 more tickets since he knows how much i love floyd! i am so excited, it’s going to kick so much ass, i can tell. it could be some dude banging his head against a wall for the entire soundtrack & i would be like, “this totally rules!!!!!!!” i’m gonna be like those people in the old michael jackson videos, all crying & screaming & shit.

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