January 19, 2005 0

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i like the new intern…even if she is a christian! today we got high off fumes & she got chemically burned while i talked on the phone. i also made her help carry frames out of the cold cold attic & help drag the christmas trees to the side of the road.

we’ve gone on fun field trips to the post office, subway, & your building center. i try real hard to arrive on time so i don’t look like a slacker & to not say “shit”, “fuck” & “oh my god”. she likes working here & calls herself my protégé. well i don’t remember if that was exactly how she said it, but that’s totally what she meant. i apologize profusely when i have nothing for her to do except photocopy. we just turn on our space heaters & talk about such diverse topics as her wedding, body hair, periods, and shit that really goes on at the penn state campus (she’s also a campus cop). & occasionally i’ll go off tangents about gay rights & how even though i’m not religious, i’m not running off in the night eating babies. god only knows what she really thinks of me…

while i do miss not having the place to myself (mainly to turn the radio up really loud & sing & dance when good songs come on & to talk to myself), i’m glad i didn’t get stuck trying to get the shitty lead paint & plaster off this stupid picture frame by myself. i would have burned my hand off & probably burned the mansion down. & i’ve got someone to pass off the shitty work stuff to!

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