January 14, 2005 0

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now you know i’m not one to brag…in fact, i’d like to think i’m quite modest. but my parents got something in the mail yesterday & i really just want to rub it in your faces. yeah, so let’s get it out in the open. i am better than all of you. you see, i was recognized for something…something only the highest-achieving students are even considered for. i’m a somebody – a pretty important somebody now – & it’s about time someone realized that & honored me with such a prestigious honor. i have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement by who’s who among american high school students┬«. can you believe my mom laughed at me & tried to make me feel like i wasn’t important & that this letter didn’t mean anything? i would think that falls under child abuse – mental belittling! maybe she’s just jealous of my success, i don’t know. & i know you might think i’m lying since people on the internet lie to try to make themselves look cooler than they really are. but oh no, i am not lying. read it & weep you jealous bitches!!!!!!!!!

my achievement letter

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