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beijing modern dance company

An ensemble of 12 ultra-hip, trench coat-clad young dancers perform a hard-edged, high-energy piece to the 1982 album The Wall, by rock group Pink Floyd. With an industrial-strength set and lighting design, this performance evokes an intriguing new interpretation of the seminal rock album. Choreographed by Li Han-Zhong and Ma Bo, Rear Light reflects a young Chinese generation struggling to reconcile its traditional culture with influences from abroad and a thirst for freedom.

One of China’s most fascinating and acclaimed dance companies, Beijing Modern Dance Company was formed in 1995 and includes some of the finest dancers and choreographers working in China today. The award-winning company has toured extensively in Germany, France, and most recently at the opening of the new Esplanade Theatre in Singapore.

i am sooooooooooooo excited, i cannot wait to go see this! i will even pay regular admission instead of trying to pass as a student & pay $17 less! i freaked out when i read it in the paper, & now i’m going to – get this – get up early & go before work at like, 8:30 so i can get the best seats that are left. i’m pissed i didn’t hear about this sooner, i would have been all over that shit trying to get right up front.

coffeeshop pink floyd!!!!! ok it’s official…i am going to amsterdam & i am going to this place. & i will probably start crying when i walk through the doorway. someday i will go to europe, & now i have got to make sure to hit amsterdam & have coffee here. this is tempting me to go sooner rather than later…but my god, how sweet is this?! oh & hey, since you know how much i love the floyd, someone should get me the 2005 wall calendar off my wishlist…right? i think so!

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