January 3, 2005 0

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alright, so it’s a new year & i’m a year older. i guess that makes it more “special” for me as far as new beginnings & things go. for once i actually have a legit resolution, instead of the vague old “try to be a better person & make the most of life” thing i usually go for. i will start being more on time! i don’t want to set unrealistic goals like being on time all the time, so i’ll just start with an improvement & work my way from there.

2004 was a pretty ok year. of course if you ask me to list all that happened, i couldn’t really think of all that much. the old “so what have you been up to?” “um……hmm…..not much, really” conversations i’ve been having as of late. but it really wasn’t a bad year at all. my first major short term goal of the new year was not to start it off like last year – sleeping in my own vomit & not caring. you could say i was just a tad hungover. so this year i defiantly turned down many offerings of free drinks so i could keep my wits about me. besides, i’m old now. i do wonder how this year will turn out though, since out of all the bars in state college, i pick the one my ex was out. but out with the old boyfriends, in with the new, i say. i still can’t think if that & the abundance of cat shit on the first is any indication of how the rest of the year will be. no lie, there was a fresh fat turd on the bathroom floor when i got home, & then later a turd droplet on my bed. perhaps a shitty year is in store? or maybe it’s one of those things where shitty things happening is really a sign of good luck? whatever, who cares, i’m thinking this year will be pretty ok. how about you?

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