November 27, 2004 0

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ungrateful little cock monkeys

you know how i feel about the livestrong bracelets. you feel the need to wear those things to prove yourself to others – that you really are a good person who likes helping people with cancer & that you are living strong. i’m sure all your flipped collared frat buddies thing you are a fine example of a human being. or you wear your little livestrong bracelet because everyone else has one so you want one too. you’re all sheep, all of you. i commend people who aren’t wearing those stupid things! well, now we have a thonstrong bracelet here at school that is navy blue & says “for the kids.” lets jump on the mass propaganda bandwagon, yeah! & before you go & accuse me of hating kids with cancer or something, i’m donating my hair to locks of love next spring & i’m not getting a tacky plastic bracelet for it.

so along with the livestrong bracelets, i am equally annoyed with the ribbon magnets on cars. i had a big ol’ rant ready for that one, but jay beat me to it.

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