November 22, 2004 0

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i am so addicted to group hug anonymous online confessions it’s not even funny. i like to read other people’s confessions to laugh at the funny ones & to feel better about myself at the pathetic ones. & holy shit, once i get started, i cannot stop confessing. it feels so good. any time i think of something that i wouldn’t tell people, or fucked up thoughts, or things that piss me, bam – i’m there confessing. it’s like a drug, i keep going back for more! i think i’m gonna put a link to the site along with the latest confession here on my site because they give you the code to do it. of course, there will be the random people who come here & will read some random person’s confession, like “i had sex with my brother” & think it’s a confession i made, but whatever. i don’t have anything really juicy to confess, but i just like to say whatever is on my mind. i will post 20 confessions there at the drop of a hat, but i will go a week or so without blogging. & i’m sure my confessions are a hell of a lot more interesting…but yeah, the whole point is saying whatever i want cuz it’s anonymous. so yeah, this is my latest thing.

& to totally switch gears, i bought the cutest pair of vintage brown pumps yesterday that i am totally in love with. now, i really don’t have the girl shoe shopping gene. i hate shoe shopping because the shit out there is ugly & expensive. dear 80s, please go back out of style, thanks. my shoe criteria is: comfortable, reasonably priced & attractive. apparently the fashion industry & i have extremely different views on what is deemed “attractive.” so basically it’s a rare thing to find this triple combo, which makes me not a fan of shoe shopping. but i love these shoes so much & they were only $20!!!!!!!! if they were black i would have keeled over & died in the store right then. i can’t wait to wear them tomorrow.

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