November 18, 2004 0

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i won a free tank of gas off the radio this morning!!! fuck yeah i’ve been trying to win something from the bus for well over a year – how pathetic is that? & only just now winning, jesus. but yeah, it was a great start to my day today. i needed it after yesterday – a bad start to my day. i’m very up & down emotionally lately, & geez, it sucks a lot. but things are starting to get really busy at work, so at least i’ve got something to keep my brain occupied. i sometimes think i should get use live journal so i could actually get out all this personal shit, but live journal is gay & well, i don’t like any of you enough to let you read it. but man, it’s too bad i’m such a lazy ass, i’ve had all kinds of great things to write, but no motivation whatsoever.

well let me tell you my great line i said today while watching days of our lives. so this guy ran into his fiancĂ©e with her ex husband & he said he was actually glad that she ran into him & she asked why. & my ad lib was “so he can pick your sloppy ass up after i dump you!” it was great, it really was. i would love to write for a soap opera – it would be nothing but incest, bestiality, rape, child abuse, etc. now you might think that many of these topics are covered, but most have not occurred since i’ve been watching & i have found plenty of great opportunities that just haven’t been taken. & it’s ok to want to see this stuff happen because it’s not real! that makes it ok! but every time something i like (something cheap & low brow) happens, soap fans get all pissed off & bitches about the story line being of bad taste. so everyone would hate my story lines, i’m sure. whatever. i know what i want to see in a soap opera, & it’s sure as hell not having shawn & belle save their virginity for each other. barf.

but you know, if american politics had the same kind of loyalty & devotion as soap operas did, shit would get done. seriously. if soap fans don’t like something, show producers will do whatever it takes to please them. if we as citizens of this country gave a shit enough about government to actually do something, like soap fans, our politicians would do anything to make us happy, instead of just talking out of their asses. the end.

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