November 9, 2004 0

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ok i promise i wont freak out & go off on another tangent about the ass raping done to us by the wireless industry & the government, so we’ll just say verizon is walking a very thin line with me when it comes to my bill, & charging me a $5 late fee might very well drive me over the edge. all i know is that i have a check dated october 16, a cashing of said check on october 26, & a due by date right smack in the middle. i can’t take much more of this. & i blame dubya for the 30925780325% tax charge on my phone bill. but whatever, i’m not paying the late fee so we’ll see what happens. it will probably show up next time but whatever. i really wanted to write “ass raping” as my memo on the check, but i thought that was in poor taste, even though that’s exactly what they’re doing. so i settled for “robbing me blind.”

right, so i’m fucking restless as hell right now. got my mind racing & i’m just being a total girl. a high school one at that & i’m frustrated & just gah, dunno. god, i wish i had game…

i want to know why i have a subscription to elle girl magazine. i never ordered this. i guess it’s cool as long as no bill comes for it. i just want to know why i’m getting it is all. christ, the magazines i get are elle girl, which i have no idea why i’m getting, & penthouse that some dude off the internet bought for me. maybe this is a blessing in disguise. elle girl can tell me why my crush hasn’t called & how to get that hottie in class to notice me, & i can use the stories & pictures in penthouse to…well….yeah. god someone please shoot me. i’m annoying the shit out of myself.

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