November 3, 2004 0

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oh my god this is so depressing. i left the bar (forgetting to pay my share & having to go back) because my little heart couldn’t take it anymore…well & because i do have to go to work tomorrow. i never had a reason to like ohio, & right now, while it’s still too close to call with a slight bush lead, i am really disliking them. i think i’m just going to have to go to bed & find out tomorrow who wins. i’m not feeling good about this, & i’m really feeling disappointed with my fellow americans right now. you can never underestimate the old folks & the conservatives. ugh. at least the important states went the right way. livian start saving your money, because i might have to make due on my promise to move to canada if dubya is reelected. but hell, i voted for the first time & i got my sticker & people congratulated me at the polling place…& i got to spend the evening watching the results with my friends at a bar, with the sound of candiflyp in the background. let’s pray for a miracle here, people!

ahahahha this made me laugh:

Tr1x0r: damn

Tr1x0r: we are electing this douche again

Tr1x0r: ?

well, what can you do? life goes on (hopefully)…


halloween pictures!





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