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The Power of Words

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Right now the east coast is getting pounded by up to a foot of snow, after receiving up to 3 feet of snow just a few days earlier. Ask anyone right now if they believe in global warming, they will probably tell you no. But there is something going on here. The winters are getting colder, the summer is getting hotter, the storms are getting more severe. The climate is changing. Ask anyone if they believe in climate change, you might get a few more yeses. Ahh, the power of words.

Is there anyone out there who honestly believes that pumping this much pollution into the air (and ground and water) is not having any affect on us at all? I’m not a scientist, but I am pretty sure that humans have had some sort of affect on the climate over the past century. How could we not? Sure, we might have been heading towards another ice age anyway, but all the shit we are putting into the environment can only be speeding things up. I honestly think people would be more receptive to these thoughts if we called it “climate change” instead of “global warming.”

This brings me to another similar issue: gay marriage. When you hear the word “marriage” you might think man & woman, church, god…etc. It has a lot of religious connotations. But “civil union” has more of a legal feel to it. Rights. Equality. The religious connotations are removed. I know I am not looking for a marriage with “god.” I am looking for a legal binding union so that I can adopt (if I wanted), receive health benefits, or make important end of life decisions with my partner. I just want to do it with a man instead of a woman. There will always be the homo haters, but wouldn’t people be more receptive to these thoughts, as long as it was called it a civil union? I may be wrong, but isn’t a civil union the same thing as marriage (without all that religious nonsense)? But the second you throw the word “marriage” into the mix, the religious wackos and conservatives go apeshit.

I took a great class in college once where we talked about politicians and the media and the words they use. How they can easily manipulate emotions by using certain words and phrases. Scary stuff. Swine flu, anyone? Excuse me, H1N1 (far less scary sounding). So let’s all watch what we say.

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