November 2, 2004 0

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i feel like i’m cramming for an exam by doing all this last minute candidate research. i don’t want to be some jackass randomly picking people for the state & local elections, but trying to do this shit last minute is totally burning me out. i just now learned what races are going on & who is running. so i guess i am pretty uninformed cuz there’s no way i’ll get all the facts or be able to be objective at this point. it looks like i’ll be voting democrat by default in most cases. there’s a few i’m torn on, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow. maybe i’ll do a little more research when i get home from work, since the polling place is across the street from my house. did you know this is my first time ever voting? i was kinda bummed when i was told i wont get a “i voted” sticker, like the ones they give you when you give blood. i wanted a sticker!

i’m also still pretty worn out from this weekend. saturday i volunteered at the haunted granary. thoughts: i was really impressed with it & i will definitely be involved again. there were too many high schoolers involved, though & i felt really not cool. i wish i had done more guiding. sunday i was at shaver’s creek for the kid’s halloween trail. thoughts: i loved being out in the woods on such a gorgeous day. the volunteers were great, but the kids drove me nuts sometimes. i was in charge of entertaining them, & pumpkin bowling sucked because it was nothing but dodging flying pumpkins, bending over & setting up the pins & chasing after runaway pumpkins. after that was an interesting halloween party in this crazy 70s house on the top of a mountain. pictures should be coming shortly.

wow, i’m sorry, i can’t stay awake & my brain is officially fried. anything remotely interesting or funny i might have had to say…forget it. but hopefully i’ll get pictures soon, they’re good!

& please, let tomorrow be the day dubya gets the pink slip…

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