October 25, 2004 0

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well, homecoming weekend rocked out, even though i didn’t get to see half the people who came up & i missed the drag show. as i said, i was in the homecoming parade on friday night. it kinda sucked that we were at the end of the parade so we had to wait around forever, & the people in the front were already coming back before we had even gotten to the start. but we rode in a limo so it was nice & toasty warm. my first time in a limo! i was a blonde movie star in my prom gown (i was extremely excited to get to wear that puppy again) waving & kissing to the crowd, holding up this fake oscar. if people weren’t making sexual references to me, they were calling me a man. it was great! i shared the limo with the olsen twins & lindsay lohan, & occasionally the producer would roll out the red carpet & we’d get out & pretend like we were stars, while we had paparazzi taking pictures & filming with a video camera. of course, being the geniuses that we are, there was no film in them to capture the event. hopefully someone got some pictures though, because it was really hilarious to see. our committee chairman got all up in drag as joan rivers & ran through the crowd interviewing people. i had a great time, but it wore me out & i fell asleep waiting for people to call me back with the word on the nightlife.

saturday night i got all hooched up & got to see some old friends, but unfortunately i did have to go to this shitty party for awhile. while waiting on some people we missed meeting up with other people, so we ended up at the sports bar where my friends played blackjack for money with some random dudes with these nasty beer soaked cards.

today i missed out on brunch with my old crew, but i went on a field trip instead! i’ve pretty much joined this class on pennsylvania architecture & restoration so i get to go along for the field trips & fun stuff. they’re a great group, & i really enjoy hanging out with them & being part of the group. it’s always a ridiculous time – today being no exception, with our random stop at indian caverns to take pictures of us sticking out of a giant teepee.

next weekend is going to be even busier, but i cannot wait! my favorite time of the year. i can only pray we have a heat wave like last year. although i’m praying for a delay in the visit of my monthly friend, because that will totally fuck up the weekend…so it looks like i’ll be doing a lot of praying. & i could possibly see myself praying to not be sick anymore, depending on how much i drink hehe. gotta take it easy, though, i’m doing lots of volunteering. & i get to top it all off with a halloween party with my new architecture buddies. i’ll try to get pictures!

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