September 27, 2004 0

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i think it’s great that this guy was talking to me for 20 minutes, only he wasn’t talking to me, he was talking to my twin. & what’s so funny about it is that this girl was talking back like she knew him, which is totally something i would do. yeah, that amuses me. all of a sudden people have been reporting my mystery twin sightings. i really want to run into this girl!

anyway, the college ave mile was a success! read about it. there were some few kinks that need to be worked out, but for a first time event, it went very very well. i was kinda bummed i moved away from the action down to the intersection so i wasn’t at the registration starting area, the starting line, or the finish line…so i didn’t really get to see anything exciting. but i did get an interview on the news. i didn’t get to see it since it was on the saturday 11 o’clock news & i was out celebrating. the only other time i was on the news i looked like a moron, so i kinda wanted to see how i looked this time (yes, i’m vain) but there’s nothing i can do about that now, right?

i’ll post the pictures of the race soon!

but i can finally take a breather, at least for a bit. it is nice that it’s over, but i still have other things to do. last week was really really busy. on top of getting this event ready, i had a conference to go to, multiple visits to radio stations, the volunteer fair, a meeting with a committee i really don’t want to be on, and of course i squeezed in the career fair. you know how i am with my free shit, although this time i stuck to only taking things that i actually needed (like raping the johnson & johnson table for a toothbrush, body wash, moisturizer, etc.) & really cool things.

ahh, life is good right now. i’m content. time for bed now, though. i wonder if i can get back to going to bed before 11 pm (that lasted for not even a week, haha).

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