September 20, 2004 0

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i had the uh, interesting experience of sitting next to someone pissing under a table inside a bar. i sometimes have to question the people i associate with.

anyway, the weekend kinda wore me out with everyone being in town & going to the football game. except for the torrential downpour on friday night, the weather was gorgeous this weekend. & i even got out of doing this thing for work thanks to all the flooding. but anyway, this week is going to be insanely busy. sooo much to do. we’ll see if i can handle it.

i also decided that i’m going to go ahead & get my birman kitten. gotta research & visit catteries around the state first, but i should have one by the end of the year. i’ve wanted a birman since i was 16 & i’m finally getting one of my very own! god, we’ll have 4 young cats…totally nuts, but i love it.

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