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there’s this commercial i always hear on the radio that goes “a house full of coke is a house full of friends.” amen to that, they don’t even know! i take it out of context & giggle & go about my work.

& on the subject of commercials & drugs, i’m sure you’re all familiar with the “talk to your kids about drugs” ads. you can see them here. you know the ones…the 13 year old who smokes pot & gets knocked up, the kid who smokes a bowl & shoots his buddy. or everyone’s favorite, the guys in the drive thru who run over the girl on the bike. & my beef with that one is what moron lets their kid ride their bike in front of a drive thru?? but that’s not what i’m here to talk about…dave chapelle has already squared that one away.

scroll down to the bottom & click on “rough night” if you are not familiar with this commercial. in a nutshell, the kid gets all fucked up & passes out so the dad writes on his forehead “time to talk.”

time to talk

now, as everybody knows, when someone gets fucked up & passes out, you draw all over them & put shit on them & tie their shoelaces together & things like that. oh the memories from college…*sigh* & you must always have the essential big black permanent marker cock on the face.

big black cock

but no, the dad did it all wrong! & this is my beef with this commercial.

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