August 27, 2004 0

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i’m not turning the cam on again until i’m wearing yellow. i’m going to cam it up rainbow style! god, remember when i used to do interesting shit in cam? now i can’t imagine you people actually sitting around & watching me live. ooh, watch me type up some notes! so interesting!! just like my posts as of late.

here’s some pictures from yesterday as i went to explore the penns/brush valley. it was actually very beautiful, in a farmy sort of way. i’m designing a road trip around the county type thing, & even though i’m cramming time wise, i’ve got some good stuff planned & i’m actually excited to be working on it. so i’ve got a few more of those to do, state theatre stuff, homecoming (we’re gonna have a float!!), & more historical society programs. but yeah, back to my pictures – it was a quaint little drive on a gorgeous day.

wizard of oz

a wizard of oz scene minus dorothy


i really like the amish


we went through lots of mountains & creeks

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