August 24, 2004 0

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again, could men’s gymnastics get any more exciting?? well, it could, but yeah i was enjoying it. my favorite olympic sports never let me down…gymnastics, diving, ice skating. i guess the other sports could have exciting/amazing/shocking/dramatic aspects to them as well, but see i wouldn’t know because i’m not watching.

yesterday was such an incredibly gorgeous day. that’s a first since all summer it’s been rain, rain, & more rain. & we had this like, 60 degree cold spell for a bit. so i decided to go out & explore this park where i used to ride my bike back in the day. it was awesome. i followed this path through the woods & came out in a field. the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was just perfect, so i decided to take off through the field with my music & just go. it was so fun exploring the woods & fields because the whole time i was just like, where the fuck am i?? it was weird to come across all of this open space & wooded area in the middle of this town. ok, so we’re central pa & this is an agricultural school…but still. i had no idea this stuff was lurking back behind the park. i spent a couple hours there & i think i will have to go back. i guess that counts as going hiking, one of the things on my summer to-do list. i really wanted to go up in the mountains & wander around, but i dunno if i wanna do that alone, especially when i have no idea where i’m going. maybe next summer.

this weekend i’m back to work at the id office. i miss working there & i’ve done it every year since i was 17. so since it’s arrival weekend, i’ll be back for a guest appearance. it’ll kinda be like volunteering only i’m getting paid! i’ll get a free t-shirt & the chance to mack on 18 year olds. awesome.

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