August 20, 2004 0

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how exciting was last night’s mens’ gymnastics?! the heartache, the drama, the comeback that only happens in predictable, formulaic movies… of course, i’d much rather be experiencing that heart pounding action through days of our lives but, i’ve still got 1 more week to go.

in the meantime, i’ve been keeping myself busy busy! things are getting exciting at the state theatre, as yesterday governor ed rendell awarded a $1.5 million grant to the theatre. i was there & it was awesome. things are really gonna get rolling now, & i’m very excited! on top of that, i am the volunteer coordinator for the college avenue mile for the state 1k race. i could barely contain myself when they said they needed a volunteer coordinator because i really really want to do that sort of thing. but i played it cool & was all like, “i guess i could do that.” i get such a rush when i volunteer. i guess that is my “thing.” well, at least it’s a thing that makes me feel good.

school starts in just a few weeks, & even though i’ve already graduated, i cannot wait. christ, i hardly did anything this summer except volunteer (& i’m really pissed i haven’t been able to mini golf thanks to all the goddamn rain) but i will finally get to go out & do shit with people again. & i think i’m gonna be a nerd & really check out things going on at penn state. i didn’t do all that much while i was actually a student, but now that i’m alum, i’m interested in all there is to do. anyway, the weekend is pretty much here, hooray! next week philly, maybe? grange fair? i’m in an unusually good mood. time to watch the girls’ gymnastics. i don’t like the anorexic russian. gymnastics is graceful & beautiful…her body is so sickly gross it’s just looks ugly when she does her tumbles. but whatever…no one seems to see this except me.

oh & don’t think i’ve forgotten about posting nyc pictures. i don’t have them yet, so as soon as i crack the whip & get my friend to send them my way, i will have them for you. lets hope i can remember the stories that go along with them…it was quite a trip!

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