August 17, 2004 0

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well, i’ve signed on to give a tour of the mansion to 15 12-15 year olds with attention deficit disorder & other “mental” problems. by myself. did i mention that i’ve never given a full school tour by myself? & a new potential docent is coming to observe. what have i gotten myself into? i am envisioning a train wreck, especially since it’s 10:30 p.m. & i haven’t even finished my research, written an outline, or even worked my speech out loud yet. it’s like speech comm all over again! so you can either interpret this as me being weak & feeling guilty, thus taking on this ridiculous tour when i didn’t have to at all. or me being confident & willing to take a risk, taking charge & handling a big task all by myself. i’ll tell myself it’s the latter. i’m really dreading this, though. we’ll see if i can pump out a good presentation & not be afraid to keep those kids in line. gah, i like the little kids. i don’t know how this age group will work out. but we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. & if they’re monsters i hope i wont put up with any of their shit. i guess it’s like an experiment. but i’m really tired so i’m gonna go to bed now & worry about it in the morning…

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