August 10, 2004 0

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i have always wanted to be one of people answering phones on the pbs telethon & on saturday that dream finally came true. i tagged along with this group of really old people somehow involved with law enforcement, & i was there to answer the phones to the best of 50s pop! & so you know, those telethons are very misleading…my phone was line 6 & it only rang once at the very end! by the looks of it you’d think they were ringing off the hook. luckily the tightly wound gay dude next to me let me answer his phone. it was great when some guy called to complain about there not being any new weather world episodes. hi sir, i’m just taking phone donations, i don’t know anything about weather world! i set my vcr, but i dunno if they showed me at all because i only caught an hour on tape. i also sat at the very end, not wanting to steal the glory away from the old folks. oh & i love how they misspelled our county, too. we spell “center” the cockeyed english way. yeah, but everyone there was so nice & i really had a great time. it’s great being behind the scenes & seeing how things are done. i liked it so much so that i emailed back asking if i could do another shift! i’ll be back in action thursday night! i really love this shit, i tell ya…

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