August 7, 2004 0

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i am so ashamed of myself. there’s this song i kinda like…it just really started to grow on me & all the while i knew that i shouldn’t like it. total pussy rock, you know what i’m talking about. but it’s even worse. it’s fucking christian rock. i make fun of christian rock & the people who listen to it. ugh, i am pathetic! & no, it’s not creed, but i’m not telling who it is because i should totally not like christian music. & even though i know it’s christian rock, i’m not deleting it off my computer & i will just roll up the windows when i hear it on the radio in the car.

& you know what i’m listening to right now? meatloaf. willingly. i would love to meet a nice boy who would sing & dance along with me when “paradise by the dashboard light” came on the radio. i get really into it, too. yeah i guess we all have our secret music that we listen to that we don’t want anyone to know about. i guess you can’t really help it if you like something.

so anyway, verizon fucking hates me. everything was great until may when some weird liquid shit leaked from underneath my screen. so they gave me a replacement phone & the thing is a piece of shit. so finally like 3 months later i finally take it to be fixed since no one can hear me when they call. every time i went the damn service people weren’t in. so i finally get it fixed (so they lead me to believe!) & all was fine for a whole 3 days! now it doesn’t make any sound. & when i can’t hear anything, people on the other end can’t hear me! like 10% of the time it works. but christ, this is really annoying. i’m starting to think they just gave me the broken phone of the last schmuck who came in. & they are all laughing at me behind my back. i guess i can’t complain since they’re not charging me…but i am paying for a service that i’m really not getting to use. & don’t even get me started on the taxes. that really gets me going when i see that i’m paying like 75% of my bill in taxes & bullshit fees. am i the only one bothered by this? in less than a year it doubled to something ridiculous like $8 in taxes on a mere $38 bill. we are being raped, here, people. & they’re gonna keep jacking up these taxes…ugh GOD DAMMIT you got me started.

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