August 4, 2004 0

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holy crap…nay…is…legal! wow, i can’t believe i just caught that. if it wasn’t 11 p.m. & i didn’t have to go to work tomorrow i would totally do something outrageous. but hell, her birthday was 2 days ago anyway so what does it matter. i am still her #1 fan, though. don’t think i’m slacking. & jesus, it seems like only yesterday she was the tender age of 14. time is flying by at a dangerous speed & before i know it i will be 30 (tears are welling up in my eyes at the very thought). & i will still be reading nay’s site if it is out there. & don’t you try to tell me that’s pathetic because it’s not!!!

well, the site is not gone. it was like the y2k deal, waiting to see what would happen & bam, nothing did. my domain has officially expired, but i’m still here! i guess i have a grace period or something, which is cool, so i’m still trucking for now. but i still have not solved my problem so i’m not out of the clear yet. & on a completely different subject, i finally got my phone fixed & that rules.

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