July 26, 2004 0

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porn arrived for me this weekend! 3 issues of penthouse were waiting for me when i came home, all wrapped up inconspicuously in black plastic. i am grateful for that…i don’t want the mailman to know i have naked lady porn! although i’m sure they have some sort of idea of the nature of my mystery wrap mag. do i dare put these on our coffee table? & who ended up getting that for me? come on, fess up!

anyway, i was in nyc this weekend & it was a blast! i was due for an off the hook weekend, & i took the fun check to the bank. cha-ching! i will fill you in with accompanying pictures once i get them. argh, i miss good times with good people. everyone seems like they’re having so much fun & state college is…well…state college. gets old quick. but all my friends are in nyc or philly & everywhere in between. but i can’t be driving & dropping my not-really-all-that-hard-earned cash on overpriced drinks all the time. & i know gas prices have been dropping, but i haven’t been buying much gas & $25 to fill my tank? no thanks! i know you suv premium unleaded fucks will try to throw in how you’re paying twice that, but i don’t want to hear it. i used to be able to fill my car for les than $15 & damn, the pimp van was a sweet ride with bangin’ gas mileage. but i’ve gotten way off the subject. & even more off the subject but no less annoying, the poor honda is having a major breakdown. if the door lock isn’t breaking, the bumper is rusting off or the brake light bulb is burning out. i’m really getting weary of going to the car shop & being a woman definitely does not help at all. although i guess that really has nothing to do with things breaking. but still, you know what I mean.

back to the topic, nyc weekend pictures will be coming soon (like, sometime in the next month)…

but i do have a few pictures from my video shoot i keep talking about.

anna keichline

anna keichline

anna keichline

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