June 30, 2004 0

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dear abby,

i’m trying to decide if i should cut through the golf course by my house as an alternate walking route for when i want to mix things up. the thing is, i don’t know if i really should. ok, let me explain. there’s a walking/biking path right along the edge of the golf course that eventually goes away from the course & wraps around the neighborhood. the path sorta forks & this unpaved path goes through the middle of the golf course that eventually comes out by a road to take you to the other part of the golf course. i want to walk down this path & i know it’s not like it’s illegal or anything…but i feel that the golfers might not like it & that i might be committing a faux pas. i’m obviously not there to golf & i could feasibly get hit with a golf ball. i certainly can’t hear four!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while i’m jamming out to the radio. i’ve never seen any walkers or joggers go down that path and i feel like it’s this unspoken rule. kinda like how if you’re a guy you don’t use the urinal right next to another dude. you just don’t do it. & i could see the resentment at my walking down the path right out in the open in the middle of the golf course that people are using, when i have my own designated paved path. are there any golfers out there who can enlighten me on golf course etiquette? i am totally overanalyzing this, & i know i should really just walk down this path & say fuck it if that’s what i want to do. but i dunno, i don’t want to pull a no-no. please give me some advice!

– pissing off golfers in pennsylvania

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