June 24, 2004 0

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do i see twins?!?!

i seem to be having some sort of identity crisis. i think i’m the verizon wireless guy, only instead of going “can you hear me now? goooood!” i’m saying “can you hear me now? … hello? … HELLO??” ever since i got this replacement phone, half of the time no one can hear me or i cut out & sound like i’m in some wind tunnel. great! nobody calls me anyway, but i will have like, negative people calling me if this phone continues to act up.

& speaking of identities…the other day someone sent me an email claiming that i look like john kerry’s daughter. of course i took offense because she has that oaf-look like her dad. but then i was looking through camrecord archives from when i was typing up some notes & christ, i hope it was just the angle, but i looked terrible. i usually have too much pride to show pictures where i look like ass, but what the hell!

alexandra kerry
terrible picture

N E way…i never mentioned this, but i am on my way to hollywood stardom. oh yes, you can all say you knew me when i was an internet nobody, before i rocked out the pbs circuit. i’m going to be in the educational documentary video on this local woman who was one of the first women architects. i doubt much of my face will be shown, since this lady is chubby and homely, 2 things i really like to think i’m not…but it doesn’t matter! i’ll be in this video, which is all that counts. yesterday was the surprise costuming day. i haven’t shaved my legs in weeks & was wearing my stinky sandals. so yeah, i was caught off guard. & it didn’t help that yesterday was the last day to win the big radio contest. i missed out on several opportunities to win…grr…

filming for that will be in a couple of weeks, so that will be cool. this might motivate me enough to get my tv tuner working so you all can see.

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