June 11, 2004 0

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fuck ronald reagan & fuck the post office. i really needed to get a package mailed, so i take my ass into the rain to settle shit at the post office. i was so happy to get such a great parking spot, but of course you would get a great spot when the place is closed. so now i get to hang out in line for like 4 hours at the post office with all the people who didn’t get to go on friday plus all the people who go on saturday anyways. oh boy i can’t wait!!!! & my in living color dvd was supposed to arrive today. ups almost always ships my amazon stuff…but who was delivering my dvd this time? the god damn united states post office. i was planning an all-night marathon but noooooooo ronald reagan had to go die. it was a fucking week ago, people! they couldn’t have done this last monday??

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