June 10, 2004 1

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this weekend i did my annual volunteering with the special olympics. obviously the people who run the special olympics might be candidates for athletes, as 7:30 a.m. on saturday can in no way be considered afternoon. but because i’m such a good sport, i hauled my ass down to the bowling alley at 7:45, only to have to wait there doing nothing for an hour. & here’s the best story of the weekend. i’m at my lane waiting for the rest of the bowlers & this guy comes into the area & i’m like, oh he’s cute (yeah, i’m sure you can see this one coming). surprise surprise, he’s a special olympics athlete. i know how to pick ’em! but i swear, he didn’t seem retarded at all. but i guess there has to be something wrong with you to qualify for special olympics. as special as i am, i don’t think they’d let me compete.

so there’s my story. you know, i have all these great things to write about all the time, but then i just don’t & i get too tired to post or i forget things. ahh too bad.

i had this big spiel about how lame high school is, & how annoyingly stupid high school girls are. go to any teeny blog & you can see how ridiculous it is…especially when talking about boys. & i know i was that much of an idiot & i can be so thankful that i didn’t have a blog back then to further embarrass myself. all this was sparked by seeing that my 8th grade dream boat crush is getting married. my 8th grade year book is classic – that’s a damn good read right there.

that’s all you get because my brain is just drained. as much as i love volunteering, it’s like as soon as it’s time to actually do it, it just sucks the energy out of me & i find myself wishing i wasn’t volunteering that day.

oh, & let me tell you know that i ordered in living color season 1 off amazon. when i saw it in the video store i nearly crapped myself in excitement & i immediately bought it. i wasn’t even fooling around with begging on my wishlist, because that is one of my favorite shows ever. so as soon as that gets here, all my free time will be spent locked in my room watching hours upon hours of in living color. if i disappear for awhile, that is what i will be doing. i cannot fucking wait!

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