May 25, 2004 0

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huge dork

i’m sure you guys have seen a modified version of this on yahoo. i hope this guy knew what he was setting himself up for. i think he did cuz you can almost see it in his eyes. hope that $40 was worth it, buddy, cuz i don’t think i’m the only one who has made you look like a giant asshole.

i need a fucking vacation in the worst way. & luckily, i am getting just that! going to florida for memorial day weekend, which wont be nearly long enough, but hell, it’s better than nothing. i figured i’d write nay to let her know, cuz like, maybe we can meet up & stuff.

dear renee,

how would you feel if i showed up at your house this weekend wearing my blonde wig & your sequined butterfly top that i shamelessly purchased off ebay? would that be ok? i am your #1 fan, you know. seriously, i will be in sarasota this weekend, which is the closest i will most likely ever get to you in my life. i have dreamed of this day where we can finally meet.

love, rhiannon

[edit] yeah, well, since my site was down, you guys didn’t even know i went to florida, but i did. and if you can believe it, nay never wrote me back! i’m insulted. but don’t think i wasn’t temped to take off with the rental car for a little stalking action. kiiiidding…

i’ll probably write about the trip if the pictures are good. [/edit]

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