May 20, 2004 0

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isn’t it nice when you expect something bad to happen, but it turns out not to be so bad? the screen on my phone got all warped looking, & today some orange liquid shit was leaking out behind the screen. i spent $150 on the damn thing (which, in hind sight, was way too much considering what it doesn’t do), it was only 1 year old & i didn’t drop it or beat it up. i took care of it. & it took a crap on me. so i took it in & the verizon guys said they would give me a new one for free! i deserved a free replacement, but i wasn’t expecting it. they said they normally would charge $150, but the screen wasn’t cracked so i wasn’t charged. i’m sure being a hot chick didn’t hurt, either. i was excited because i thought i might get the new new’s a dark pewter-type color as opposed to the champagne, but i got the old champagne colored one. but it has a few subtle differences which keeps me on my toes. i have to redownload things though, which sucks. although they said to call customer service to get the charges credited back to me. the only thing i don’t like is that i didn’t clear out the old phone. i wasn’t expecting to get a new one, so i didn’t erase my calendar, notes, old text messages, phone #s, etc. it’s no real biggie, it’s just that i’m an incredibly nosey person, so i imagine everyone else is, too. i don’t want people hunting around through my phone, even if there isn’t anything real juicy in there. well, no use getting bothered cuz it’s not like i can do anything about it, but is anyone feelin’ me on this?

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