May 11, 2004 0

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yeah so, my car door just decided to break last week. wont open at all. i expected this from the van, but not from the honda. bad honda. i should just paint it orange & slap on a confederate plate & call it the general lee! i actually tried that, but it is actually pretty hard climbing in & out of a car window. especially one with leather seats. so that’s out. i just have to slide in on the passenger side & climb over the transmission into my seat. it’s a pain in the ass i tell you, especially cuz we have automatic seatbelts that just get in the way. i feel bad for my parents who are older & out of shape. the new lock wont come in until thursday & they then have to remove the door & the seat to get it in. sounds expensive i say! i asked them & they gave me a nice low $200something price which wasn’t too bad. until they said, “oooooh, you have one of the tricky ones.” & then the other guy at the counter said, “yeah, no it’s going to take more than an hour & a half of labor to do that!” so it’s now been bumped up to the $400something range. i am getting embarrassed to show my face at this place as i am furthering perpetuating the stereotype that women are bad drivers. at least the lock thing wasn’t really my fault.

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