April 30, 2004 0

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god, i do not handle stress well. & i really shouldn’t be that stressed out. i mean, things are coming along. this maypole dance crap is a bit sketchy but should be ok, none the less. but still, man, i’m looking to pick a fight something mean. i really want to completely freak out on the boy, but that would be bad. he’d be like, “you are psycho, get the fuck away from me.” so i’ve shifted this anger towards my mom & the radio dj. i don’t know why i still think i am 13 when it comes to radio dj’s? did i ever mention the time we were iming a radio dj over thanksgiving break & calling them up & giggling like flamers? we called up to win a prize & were like, “hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s bush hooker & diarrhea pony!!” & we made orgasm sounds. dude, we were fucking 20, how sad. & who can forget the classic april 19, 2002 tripping fiasco. that’s a good laugh right there…check the archives for that one.

wow, anyway, as for today…i email the guy every so often usually to mention something about the floyd, cuz they’re my boys, you know that. i want to hear as much as i can in my day. so i’m just crazy random pink floyd chick, right? anyway, i’m not listening to the radio today because i brought in ‘dark side’ to listen to over & over again to keep me sane. i turn on the radio because i want to hear something different & they’re playing speak to me/breathe & on the run & i just think that’s so funny since that was just what i was listening to. well, i come to find out that pink floyd is the artist of the day, & i lose my shit in this email i send. i was all like, blahblah fucking shit i would have been caller #1 because i know my floyd like THAT & blahblah of all days you make them artist of the day it’s the day i can’t listen blahblah i can’t believe what you’re doing to me blahblah me so stressed & crazy. etc. i got myself so worked up over the incident. i’m still pretty heated because i have been waiting so long for my boys to be artist of the day. yeah & i went off.

this is like pms behavior but it’s not that time of the month. saturday needs to hurry up & get here before i verbally attack the boy & get my ass kicked to the curb. & i need to stop flirting with dj’s!

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