April 27, 2004 0

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you know, updating this hunk o’ junk really gets on my nerves sometimes. lets see…

this weekend was a big alumni weekend. got to see people i haven’t seen in awhile…volunteered at movin’ on which kinda sucked…but i got lots of free shit…yeah. gotta update my volunteer section because i’ve been doing a lot more. except with c-net. i haven’t done jack shit for them, & i really am not feeling it. of course, they invited me to a volunteer appreciation lunch, & now i feel guilty for not doing anything. but gah, who has the time?! i need me time, & it’s harder to get it. i’m all stressed out because of all this stuff i have to do at work for the big plant celebration on saturday, & my stress level will continually rise as the week goes on. i have to do a goddamn maypole dance & get people from a crowd to do it with me. not looking forward to that. what else?

i’m conflicted. i don’t know whether to be pissy that an old friend i made plans to hang out with while he’s in town hasn’t called back, or to be glad that i don’t have to go out & can sit around in leisure. tomorrow’s super busy, & possibly wednesday, too, so i wouldn’t mind a night in. but this is the only night really to get together. i should just go read my pink floyd book & not worry about anything else. mmm & make popcorn…

why oh why am i updating when i could be doing so many other things? peace!

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