April 12, 2004 0

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writing a witty email & leaving out any details of the damage to the car really really works well in getting off on being a dumb ass. my mom admitted that my email was funny & being that i was vague on what “the car & the garage got into a little fight” meant, she thought something major had happened. finding out it was only a teeny tiny mirror that was damaged made everyone breathe a sigh of relief. god, i actually did a smart thing for once in how i presented this situation!

why do bands at bars have to play at ridiculous decibel levels? i mean seriously, it’s about 3 times louder than the comfort level. & it’s not like i’m some little old lady…but the shit physically hurts my ears, & honestly, makes the band sound worse when you hear one loud screech instead of individual instruments. & forget about having a conversation. you can scream directly into someone’s ears & they still wont hear you. i’ve tried to avoid seeing bands for this reason, but i’m finding myself having to endure this painful thing almost every weekend. i care about my hearing & certainly don’t want to lose it listening to bands i don’t even like. & that’s not it, i mean, take my favorite favorite song in the whole wide world & when i blast it, i still don’t listen to it at a deafening level. so bar owner & sound guys….fucking stop it, it’s really annoying. i stick wadded up balls of toilet paper in my ears almost every fucking night. the music is painfully loud you jerk offs. !@$!@#%!

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