April 8, 2004 0

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what a shitty ass day. the garage pissed off my car this morning, so my car bitch slapped the garage. but in turn, broke the equivalent of it’s hand, the side mirror. this couldn’t be worse timing, as i was preparing to ask my parents if i could take our 1 & only car to nyc for a nice 4-day weekend next week. i don’t think my parents are that senile yet where they’ll let me take the car, & also pay the $200+ for the damage i caused. so that means i’m going to be agitated over at least 1 or most likely both of these situations. & you know, i don’t really know what it is, but as soon as i get a new job, i hit something with the car. i’ve never hit any moving things, but i’ve hit a lot of stationary things. my first “accident” was when i plowed into a parked car, only months after getting my license, & only weeks (maybe even days) of getting my first job. it’s like i can never enjoy my first couple pay checks. i have to put them into fixing my automobile mistakes.

i was just telling my dad how many damn silver honda accords there are around here. would it be wrong to just take someone else’s as my own? it only looks like there are 2 screws holding it in place… haha wouldn’t that be funny though? one day going to your car in the parking lot to see that your side mirror is missing?

i also snapped part of the antenna off of the radio here at work, but as long as it still works, i don’t think anyone will notice. forget iraq, i am a weapon of mass destruction. what the hell is going on today, geez?? it needs to be the weekend already, like right now.

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