April 6, 2004 0

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i’m glad you all liked my april fool’s day joke. sorry i kept it up so long, but man, i had no time this weekend to change it back. seriously. saturday i was hungover until it was time to take a shower & go out again. then evil evil daylight saving’s time had to go & steal an hour out of my sunday. i was eating breakfast at 6 pm! so right now i’m sitting here very tired, waiting for my aunt & cousins to get here, frustrated at the fact i can’t seem to catch up on all my favorite websites. i should be more concerned with the fact that i haven’t paid my taxes yet, honestly. but yeah. i don’t like not having lots of time. i hate feeling rushed & being tired. i am extremely slow at everything i do, & that’s just fine when your day consists of volunteering for 3 hours & watching days of our lives. but this…this just sucks. there’s all these things i need to get done & i’m not getting it done. i have yet another busy day tomorrow, too. after i cook dinner, i’m gonna check out this banff mountain film festival world tour i got free tickets to. it better not suck, because i could spend that time resting up. then i should go see the boy do his thing at acoustic night. & hopefully i’ll squeeze scrubs in there. argh, i hate having a full plate, it stresses me out. yet i still update this hunk of crap. man. i’m tired. i’m not funny when i’m tired – this is no good! i feel like i’ve bitched about this before…& the sad thing is, compared to a lot of people i’m not really that busy. i’m just that much of a wuss. but man, i’m living for those weekends…4 more days to go!

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