March 30, 2004 0

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well i want to thank whoever got me the pink floyd dsotm dvd off my wishlist!! that was a nice surprise to find today. it makes me feel horribly guilty for telling a fib! i have a confession to make…that’s not me in the john kerry picture. someone emailed it to me & i thought, why don’t i fuck with the people who read my site?! i like to lie, it’s fun haha. actually, i was thinking more that people would be all like “shut up that’s not you, you didn’t really meet him!” but then i realized that john kerry is not really a big celebrity. had it been a famous person, like someone along the line of britney spears, you all might have challenged my claim as being false & i could have had real fun by trying to convince you otherwise. i do feel bad, though. i wouldn’t want you all to get the wrong idea that people on the internet lie.

but here’s some honest to jeebus truth & good news! as of today i have an officially real full time paying job. everyone gave me shit for volunteering at the historical society, but it paid off as i am now in charge of office stuff & program planning/developing, & anything else that comes my way. they’re paying me pretty well, too. between you & me i would have taken like $5 less an hour…i’m that desperate! so uh, yeah, that’s what’s new with me. an overall kickass day if i say so myself.

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