March 26, 2004 0

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today i bring you a new feature called “the day in the life of a penn state temp.” i was signed on for just 2 days, but they wont let me leave, i’m that good. so it’s friday & i’m on phone duty for the day, & here i will outline how exactly my $8 an hour is being earned. kind of like a work diary, if you will.

10:40 a.m.:

  • so far i have played horribly shitty games of pyramids on yahoo games…i’m waiting to bust out on hold ’em poker until after lunch.
  • i’ve read the collegian, the university newspaper because i still wish i was a student. i was angered that i missed something i wanted to see last night because those jackasses didn’t report about it until after it had happened. but they’ve redeemed themselves with an article about the 3rd annual drag show tonight. again, i will wait to read the onion, my real source of news, until after lunch.
  • if you are on my buddy list, you know i never talk to you. but it’s not just you, i never talk to anyone online. but i would really like someone to talk to right now. you are all lazy motherfuckers who need to not be sleeping right now.
  • the radio has already played pink floyd. i must wait a few hours before i call in to request some more.
  • i’ve gone to the bathroom twice. i think i will get water soon.
  • job searching online for this little metropolitan area brings up some really crappy jobs.
  • as far as the phone goes, after almost 3 hours i had 1 call from someone looking for the phone # of someone i don’t know, there was a message on the voicemail that i’m almost positive was a wrong #, & i received a junk fax.

3:10 p.m.:

  • i went to home at noon for lunch. i’m kinda hungry again, though.
  • since i got back from lunch, i have read every days spoiler & message board thread i can find. i am missing days on tv right now & i am not happy.
  • i still want to know why everyone on my buddy list is idle or has an away message up. fuck you guys, seriously!
  • the phone rang one more time but whoever called hung up before i got it.

the rest of the day:

well, the phone rang one more time, so i averaged about 1 phone call every 4 hours, or, about 2 minutes of actual work for the entire day. think office space, people.

as you can see, i’m being grossly underpaid for my service.

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