March 25, 2004 0

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showing my support for john kerry

i think by now you know my disdain for our soon to be former president, dubya. back in the beginning i said, i will vote for any democrat, no matter who it is, just to get dubs outta the white house. i was kinda hoping for the crossing over guy, but it’s cool, john kerry is our man to do it. i bet you didn’t think i was so big into politics, huh?!?! yeah, well, being a hot chick i got to stand near john kerry when i attended a democratic convention. & much to my surprise, that picture turned it into a ‘click to support john kerry’ link! so…vote for kerry!

attention: rene portland is white anyway, just yesterday i found out that the (#1 seed in the east) penn state lady lions basketball coach, rene portland, is white! there must be a black assistant coach, because i swear i saw a black coach woman that, for all this time, i assumed was rene portland. this lady has been here coaching longer than i’ve been alive, & i never once had any reason to think she was white. my first time ever in the bryce jordan center was to watch a women’s basketball game, & i still thought she was black. but man, imagine my surprise yesterday while watching tv! i wonder if there is anyone else who also thinks she’s black…

the lady lions are off to the sweet 16, & if i remember correctly, last time that happened a riot ensued here in town! well, it was when the men lost the sweet 16, but they sucked so bad that even making it to march madness was a feat in itself!

i don’t care much for women’s sports, but i guess i hope the lady lions win. lets go state!

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