March 24, 2004 0

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man, i’m exhausted. actually working really takes a lot out of you! i don’t know how you people do this day after day… & no, i didn’t get a job yet, i’ve kind of taken the best of both worlds & started temping. i don’t have to work all the time, but i do every once in awhile so i have a little spending money. & maybe i’ll actually take more than 1 job every 2 months. & maybe even get a permanent job! & can you believe i actually got an extra 2 days of work because someone who’s been to my site before recognized me & wants me to fix some sloppy html?! hi dan! even more exciting than the person who spotted me out at a bar & then emailed me about it later.

but man, i only pray that my real job starts at 9 as opposed to 8 (well i’d prefer, say noon until like, 4 pm but i’m trying to be realistic here) & that i can work from home sometimes & not have to use personal/vacation/sick days. i dread growing up. but today was sweet, i finished early & decided it was time to go home & catch days. & the meeting i really didn’t feel like going to got rescheduled, so it was smooth sailing from 2:30 pm on out!

now…………………days fans. alice horton. thoughts on her & the serial killer? this salem stalker plot is horseshit, & i get visibly upset every day after watching. but if the writers had marlena kill gran, i would have so much respect for that show. the lady is like 200 years old & is going to die in real life soon. i want them to kill her off sooooo bad, & they seem like they are going in that direction. but are the writers just toying with me, only to have her die of natural causes or something? people will go apeshit if the matriarch gets whacked, but man, it would be so sweet. i find myself watching other soaps, too & days is by far one of the more retarded ones. it really is bad, even for a soap opera. but i tell you, this is an addiction far worse than crack.

& on the subject of soaps, this chick is a dead ringer of the young & the restlessphyllis.

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